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Our Florence location had moved to Georgetown


Welcome to Ted Brown
“The Eyeglass Man”

"Let's Do Something Different"

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Lenses In Your Frame*

*Prescription Lenses Only
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Our Florence location has moved to Georgetown

Ted Brown - "The Eyeglass Man"

SC Licensed Optician

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"Let's Do Something Different"

Glasses starting at $19.99

*PRESCRIPTION LENSES ONLY. Added charge for bifocals, astigmatism and high powers

Complete pair of frame and lenses.

Let us fill your Eyeglass Prescription or copy your Eyeglass Prescription from the Glasses you currently wear by using our digital, state of the art computer technology.

Email your prescription to so we can get started!

Eyeglass prices are very expensive because Eyeglass laboratories charge Eye doctors a high fee to make prescription eyeglasses. The fee from the Eyeglass laboratories are passed onto you and by the time you’re charged, your price has skyrocketed.

Prescription Lenses starting at $19.99*

*Plus Shipping

Single Vision Lenses

Bifocal Lenses

Progressive No-Line Bifocals

*PRESCRIPTION LENSES ONLY. Added charge for high astigmatism and high powers

Filling Eyeglass prescriptions is our Specialty. If you wear glasses we can duplicate your existing prescription eyeglasses accurately with our state of the art computer Optical Lensometer. We believe that everyone should go where they choose to have their eyes examined as well as have their eyeglass Prescription filled where they choose.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the optical service industry, professionally and educationally trained to make prescriptions eyeglasses, we always see that our Eyeglasses are made to strict optical specifications and safety standards.

Eyeglasses in 7 Business Days for most Prescriptions.

Eyewear For All Occasions

  • Everyday
  • Golf
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Dress
  • Fashion
  • Work
  • Recreation
  • Driving
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Leisure
*Prescription Lenses Only

More Special Offers

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Glasses Starting at $19.99*

We accept most Major Credit Cards, some Insurance plans, and Flexible Spending Accounts that use a credit card.

Added charge for bifocals, astigmatism and high powers

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$199.99 Designer Frames

All the top Name Brand Frames up to $200 off Regular Prices with Prescription Lenses

Designer Frame Brands
Ralph Lauren - Polo, Versace, Kate Spade, Guess, Vogue, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, D&G, Ray Bans, Oakley, Jimmy Crystals, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Tura and more. Just tell us what Designer Frame you want and we'll get it for you up to $200 off Regular Prices With Prescription Lenses.

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30% Discount* Off Any Written Advertised Eyeglass Price of same or similar product from a Licensed Optical Practice in the Last 30 Days

Including Internet Prices and Prices from other Optical Practices. Prescriptions, Lenses, Lens materials, Frame Design and Lens coatings may Affect Price.
*30% Discount does not apply to sale prices of USA Eyeglass or to any insurances Prices or Discounts. Must provide proof of price.

Our Eyewear Products

  • Designer Frames
  • Prescription Polarized Sunglasses
  • Transition Type Lenses (Lenses that Change From Light to Dark)
  • Progressive (No Line Bifocals)
  • Digital Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Hi-Index Lenses (For Ultimate Thin Prescription Lenses)
  • Anti- Reflective Coating (To Help With Night Driving)
  • We Level The Playing Field
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  • Regular Prescription Sunglasses
  • Super Thin Lightweight Lenses
  • Blue Block Shield (To Block UV and Blue Light From Laptops, I-Pads, Computers and Cell Phones that can Damage your eyes Unknowingly)
  • Computer Glasses
  • Prescription Reading Glasses
  • We Fill Prescriptions and can copy your Prescription from the Glasses you currently wear with our Optical Computers.

Excellent Customer Service

By Appointment Only


Professional Licensed & Trained Technical Staff on Premises

We Put Prescription Lenses Into any Frame you Bring or Mail To US with Tinted Or Whatever Type Lens Or Coatings you select.

We can put Prescription Lenses into YOUR old Frames or frames purchased from ANYWHERE! This includes the Internet, another DR's Office, another Optical Office, a Department Store OR WHEREVER YOU CHOOSE TO GET YOUR FRAME FROM WE CAN PUT PRESCRIPTION LENSES INTO THEM.
*PRESCRIPTION LENSES ONLY. Added charge for bifocals, astigmatism and high powers


We Meet All Optical Specifications and Standards


Let us Fill your Eyeglass Prescription or let us copy your Eyeglass Prescription from the Glasses you're wearing with our Optical computers.


We Fix all repairs on the spot if Possible


Special Mail Out Service for Eyeglasses


We Put New Lenses in Existing Frames While You Wait


Anti-Reflective coating to help improve night driving, Contact Lenses (Clear & Color), Transitions lenses that change from Light to Dark, Scratch Resistant lens coating , Fashion Tints, Ultra violet Ray and Blue Light protection for laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones.


We can Reshape your Lenses and put them into New Frames. We can Put New Lenses into your existing Frames or almost any Frame you bring to us, Finally we can Turn your old Prescription Lens into Sunglasses.

Our Florence Location is Moving to Georgetown, SC

Ted Brown the Eye Glass Man

140 N Academy Street
Kingstree, SC 29556

Ted Brown the Eye Glass Man

1521-A Front St. (West End)
Georgetown, SC 29440